Recovery only showing a few dates

I'm currently using the Vembu Free Edition to backup 1 VM on a nightly basis. I have the backup job configured to keep the last 2 full backups, with retention enabled keeping the last 3 daily merged recovery points (the default and I don't think it pertains to me as I'm just backing up once daily, but please correct me if I'm wrong).

When I try to recover a backup, I'm only showing the current weeks backup, along with the initial full backup. Is there a way to restore from the dates that are not listed?

I looked at the .sbc file stored in the BackupStorageLocation/Repo[number]/[ClientName]/[Backup_Name]/conf folder and I'm seeing the value: MaximumRetention="5", but when I try and restore, I'm currently seeing the last 6 backups along with the initial full backup.

I'd like the ability to restore from every daily backup that happens after the full backup. Is this possible with the Free Edition?


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