Slow backup speed

Hi all,

Any ideas on troubleshooting slow backup for a particular VM? We have the Ubuntu appliance running Vembu BDR 4.0.

Our vSphere is 6.5. There's around 10-12 vms. Roles are like AD server, database servers, file servers.

We have no issues backing up other roles except file server, which is running Windows 2016 OS. Backup storage is pointing to Synology ISCSI and only this File server is facing issues. Transfer speed can be as low as 80Kbps.

Other vm backup is like 700-800Mbps speed of backup as there's 2x1Gbps nic doing link aggregation.

We tried respawn the entire file server by setting up a new one again and problem still persists. Only thing never change is the user data that consists of word, excel, pictures, drawings like solidworks / autocad, pst, etc.

I dont think it is anything to do with network speed, neither is vsphere resources as users accessing the file server has no issues. Transfer from client pc to server is healthy as well.

Advise needed to isolate what is the root cause of it.


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