Client Image Backup Error

To evaluate Image Backup I installed BDR 4.0 on a Windows 2019 Core Server and Image Backup 4.0 Client on a Windows 10 Professional Client. No problems installing the server/client and testing the connection to the server is successful. But when i try to run a client backup i get this error:

11-02-19 15:35:01 ERROR [ JVMUtil::CreateJavaVM ] <jvmutil> CreateJavaVM :: Error :Java Virtual Machine can't be started, jre not available in C:\Program Files\Vembu\VembuImageBackup\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll [JVMUtil.cpp:152]

There is no " C:\Program Files\Vembu\VembuImageBackup\jre" folder on my client.

Do I need to install Java separately?

Any ideas?


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