Error replicating VM

We have been able to move a couple of our VMs but now are getting this error and don't know where to look. When the job runs it progresses and then at the end this happens.

ERROR [ CEsxiReplicate::RunVMReplication ] <runvmreplication> finalizing snapshot failed with error : Error while performing snapshot operation [EsxiReplicate.cpp:423] ERROR [ CEsxiReplicate::RunVMReplication ] Full Replication of VM failed with error : The server refused connection [EsxiReplicate.cpp:432] INFO [ VmWareBackup::ExecuteVStorageAPIReplication ] VmWarePlugin :: <executevstorageapireplication> :: Replication Status for DMZtoVxrailNode2 [VmWarePlugin.cpp:6721] ERROR [ VmWareBackup::ExecuteVStorageAPIReplication ] Failed to Replication the VM : Awg-Linux4; Replication Job : DMZtoVxrailNode2 [VmWarePlugin.cpp:6831] ERROR [ VmWareBackup::ExecuteVStorageAPIReplication ] Error Encountered was : The server refused connection [VmWarePlugin.cpp:6832]

Can anyone tell me what would cause this error?

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