Unable to delete jobs/servers (v3.9)

Hi there,

I'm having difficulty in removing/deleting back up jobs and servers from my VembuBDR interface.

I am currently setting up a new VembuBDR server with v4.0 and once a backup has been run I am then wanting to delete the old backups from v3.9. I have tried the following ways to delete them:

Backup > List All Jobs > Find job I want to delete > Click MORE icon > Delete - This pops up with that the delete has been scheduled Backup > Microsoft Windows > List Microsoft Windows Host > Find the server I want to delete > Click Remove - Shows "Delete in Progress" and eventually refreshes the page and the server is still listed.

I have tried deleting one particular server over the last 5 days and it still remains.

Is there any way to force removal of a server from VembuBDR?


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