Quick VM Restore on HyperV - Free Vembu BDR

Hi, need some help.

Free Vembu BDR is installed on virtual machine with Windows Server 2012 - it is located on HyperV host, let's say HyperV-A. Simple configuration, added storage pool, added another HyperV host (let's say HyperV-B), Vembu Integration Service is installed on it, backup job is running well, everything is fine.

But when I want to use Quick VM Recovery on HyperV-B Vembu says: Error: Hyper-V role is not enabled in this server to do Quick recovery. Please enable Hyper-V role and then try again

So... What is trying to tell me? That I should install Free VembuBDR on HyperV-B host, and manage all servers from that? It does not make sense, because what if my HyperV-B host will down? How will I manage my backups?

Please let me know, how it really works.

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