Unable to reinstall client integration tools after V4 Free Edition

After moving to V4 Free Edition, which is fast becoming a pain as I have to now go around 50+ servers and remove the client integration tools and install them again (you'd think not hey?) I am coming across the following error on a number of machines:

"Unsintall your client or Intergration service properly and restart your client machine." (Please note the spelling is as per the error in Vembu, a spell check may be needed by the devs)

I came across this article in the KB...


Sadly, this doesn't help in the slightest. I have uninstalled, rebooted, searched for anything Vembu related, deleted, rebooted, screamed at it, rebooted, pulled my hair out, rebooted, rebooted, rebooted, and still I cannot install the new client tools.

Can anyone shed any light on this? What is being left behind on these servers to stop the installation? I have not touched the registry as yet, just in case I break stuff too much and can never use Vembu on these servers in the future.

With thanks,

EDIT: The KB article linked above has been updated to include detailed information on removing the client agent and tools to clean up the failed uninstall.

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