Cannot Add Proxy Details


I am having problems adding my SWGFL proxy detail in to BDR 3.9.1! I have followed the official guide given to me but this doesn't work and always results in errors! The guide is as follows:

The below are the steps to add proxy details into postgresql database. -> Open postgresql server through command line as shown in the below, C:\windows\system32> psql -Upostgres<enter> Password for user postgres: <enter password="" (by="" default="" password="" will="" be="" ‘admin’)&gt;="" psql="" (9.6.1)="" warning:="" console="" code="" page="" (437)="" differs="" from="" windows="" code="" page="" (1252)="" 8-bit="" characters="" might="" not="" work="" correctly.="" see="" psql="" reference="" page="" "notes="" for="" windows="" users"="" for="" details.="" type="" "help"="" for="" help.="" postgres="#" which="" means="" you="" are="" successfully="" connected="" to="" postgres="" server="" and="" now="" continue="" executing="" below="" queries="" to="" add="" proxy="" details.="" 1)="" \c="" sgdatabase;="" <connect="" to="" main="" database=""> 2) insert into partnerproxyinfo values(1, '<proxy_name>', <proxy_port>); <proxy_name> : Name of the proxy server or proxy server ip. <proxy_port> : Port number which is allocated to proxy. Ex:- insert into partnerproxyinfo values(1, 'myproxy’, 12345); 3) alter table partnerscheduleinfo alter column partnerid type varchar(55); 4) select partnerid from partner_info; Ex:- After executing the above query result will be,

partner_id 5) insert into partnerscheduleinfo values('<resultant_partner_id>', 1, <current_unixtimestamp>, <current_unixtimestamp>); Ex:- insert into partnerscheduleinfo values(' ’, 1, 1504697701, 1504697701);

But I get errors! I have connected to postgre with the port number as shown in the screenshot.

image description

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