Windows Server Backup - Integration Service won't start after image driver install

Fresh install of Windows Server 2016 Essentials, I install drivers, then Vembu BDR. Then I add Microsoft Windows Host, localhost, admin user, the job adds fine and the Integration service runs fine. I click Backup, prompted to install the image driver and the server reboots but the integration service won't start again. It stops immediately after starting it, with only a start/stop message in event logs. The server.txt file in C:\Program Files\Vembu\VembuIntegrationService\log pasted below, no problem I can see. Thanks for any help!

14-10-18 22:56:27 INFO [ StartStoreGridServer::Initialize ] =======================================Going to Start Initial process===================================== [StartStoreGridServer.cpp:226] 14-10-18 22:56:27 INFO [ SGConfiguration::ParseSGConfiguration ] Parsing SVD mount path:tempStr: [SGConfiguration.cpp:1968] 14-10-18 22:56:27 INFO [ SGConfiguration::ParseSGConfiguration ] SVD mount path is :this->svdmountpath:F:\ [SGConfiguration.cpp:2019] 14-10-18 22:56:27 INFO [ StartStoreGridServer::Initialize ] $$$$ End of checkandupdate thread :1539582987:1539582987:0: $$$ [StartStoreGridServer.cpp:1067] 14-10-18 22:56:27 INFO [ StartStoreGridServer::InitializeDBFiles ] <startstoregridserver>::InitializeDBFiles::::Going to check folder permission for dirName::::C:/Program Files/Vembu/VembuIntegrationService/data [StartStoreGridServer.cpp:2437] 14-10-18 22:56:27 INFO [ StartStoreGridServer::InitializeDBFiles ] <startstoregridserver>::InitializeDBFiles::: Going to open file for writing::::C:/Program Files/Vembu/VembuIntegrationService/data/SGTemp.txt [StartStoreGridServer.cpp:2448] 14-10-18 22:56:27 INFO [ StartStoreGridServer::InitializeDBFiles ] <startstoregridserver>::InitializeDBFiles:::Got fileC:/Program Files/Vembu/VembuIntegrationService/data/SGTemp.txt [StartStoreGridServer.cpp:2481] 14-10-18 22:56:27 INFO [ StartStoreGridServer::Initialize ] $$$$ App startup -- end of DB Initialize $$$$ [StartStoreGridServer.cpp:1095]

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