Recovery from Vmware Backup fails at stage "create NAS storage"

Hi I am running vembu on a german VSphere System. All Backup Automation runs fine. Now I tried to restore several saved backups with Recovery section and Restore Button. No errors during initiation of job. However when trying to execute job it fails within a minute at stage: "create NAS-storage" at the specific ESXI (German failure code at stage "NAS-Datenspeicher erstellen" is "Während der Hostkonfiguration ist ein Fehler aufgetreten." means: During host configuration an error occured) This error occurs on every ESXI with every VM I trie to restore. The ESXI an VCenter System however is ok, because all Backups and Restoring do work with VEEAM Tool I checked thereafter. The initiator of this task xxx\Administrator was checked as well for Admin rights. Of course all ESXI's are NOT a free version. We require quiet urgent a solution. Is there anybody encountering the same problem with a solution? Kind regards

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