VMware VM will not stay selected to backup in BDR

Whenever we select a particular VM, on an ESXi 6.5 host, to backup with BDR 3.9.1 [3912018060720], it will not stay selected when the job is saved. All of the backup job creation screens appear normal, even the final confirmation screen lists the affected VM. However when the job runs, and even straight away when going back to view the job, the machine has been unselected. No error messages are displayed if there is at least 1 more VM selected in that job.

Are there any logs we can look at to find out why this is happening? I'm assuming there should be something in C:\Program Files\Vembu\VembuBDR\log however it seems to only talk about the other machines in that job, what should I be looking for?

If no other VM is selected in the job, the web interface has trouble displaying anything. Going back to edit the job results in a web 404 error page. On the view backup page below the menu row in has what looks like they are supposed to be buttons and they say "{{label.backup.create_new}} {{label.misc.edit}} {{label.misc.edit}}"

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