Vembu Free Licence issues.


I have some issues with Vembu BDR Suite "free" installations, I have 3 clients with Free BDR Suite installed and registered in my partner portal, wen I try to schedule backup jobs, I have some problems as attached bellow. I already allowed the server in my firewall and it isn't passing through proxy rules, after that, I try to restart the services, but the problem persist.

The Backup Reports in BDR Suite encourage me to see the (KB : and send e-mail to support. If necessary I can attaching the "licence.log" of this BDR Suit server for analysis, I would be grateful for your help.

C:\fakepath\Capturar.png C:\fakepath\Capturar2.png C:\fakepath\Capturar3.png C:\fakepath\Capturar4.png

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