Vembu-NetworkBackup Failing - Not enough licence units - Free BDR Server

Hi, a few days ago i registered my BDR Server with the Free license and deleted the test backup jobs i had previously configured for VM's (which didn't work anyway as using Free ESXi). Then last night i installed NetworkBackup client on 2 Ubuntu Linux hosts and configured a test backup job on each workstation.

Both successfully registered with the BDR Server and did a full Backup successfully, then also continued to successfully perform Incremental Backups every 2 Hours successfully as well.

This continued successfuly until late afternoon today when both NetworkBackup Clients suddenly started reporting "Error :: Backup request failed with the error message 'Not enough license units' ".

Checking on the Portal it states my Server is licenced with the Free licence and has 3 clients - On the right it lists my 2 Ubuntu hosts as "Over-Consumed" . The only other entry is my BDR Server itself and correctly lists that as having no Backups configured.

So basically i have 2 hosts configured with active backup jobs, one each, and neither now work, stating "Over-Consumed" ?!?!?

Why is this ? My understanding of the NetworkBackup Client is that it has no restrictions and as i say was working successfully for approx 15 hours and these are my only 2 configured Backups.

Please can you help ?

Cheers, Dave

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