1st Try - Errored out

I am looking for a backup solution that's easy to use and reliable. I am trying the Vembu BDR backup solution for the very 1st time. I configured the backup procedure and I attempted to try to do a full image backup for my test VM for the very 1st time. It errored out almost immediately with an error of, "Problem while backing up the data in Client Side. Error: There were errors while trying to backup Virtual Machines configured for backup".

The vSphere hosts are running version ESXi 5.1 U3 and fully licensed. The test VM (Backup_Eval) OS is Windows 2012 R2. The configuration is pretty straight forward and non-complex. I have googled this error and the solution is not consistence with my scenario.

Hopefully, I can get an answer to this question as my trial version is only for 30 days. Please let me know what you need from me on this end to point me to the right direction.

Thank you in advance.


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