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Thank you for reaching out Vembu Community Forum.

We suspect some issues with the SMTP Settings that you have configured. Please configure the Email settings with "SMTP Server requires Authentication" and check with the Default SMYP Server settings. In case of any issues we request you to try the following steps.

  1. Verify if the 'AUTO' authentication type is supported by the SMTP mail server. You can verify this by executing the commands :

Telnet <smtp_server_name> 25 HELO <smtp_server_name> EHLO <smtp_server_name> QUIT

The EHLO command will list the supported authentication methods as 250-AUTH<authentication methods="">.

  1. If the SMTP server doesn't support the authentication type selected by you, then please try with the other authentication types supported by the SMTP server.

  2. Verify that you can access emails from the SMTP server by using the same user name and password from other email clients [Outlook/Outlook Express/Thunderbird]. If you can send/receive emails through the email clients then, you Vembu OffsiteDR should able to send emails.

Please check the details and contact our support at in case of any issues with the default settings.

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