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Hi Matt,

Thank you for reaching out Vembu Community.

Regarding the issue you are facing, please be noted that after a backup is completed, the server process the retention and it takes some reasonable time. When the retention is in progress on the Server side and the client backup is triggered at the same time, then the error "Retention for this Backup is in Progress. Backup Request Failed" is thrown.

So once the retention process gets started, it will check for the configured retention settings and removes any repeated blocks and merges the previous incremental into one as per the retention settings. Hence retention process will take reasonable time if the backup size is bigger.

Please do check the details in the Server Dashboard whether the retention status is shown for the backup.

We will assist you further in the support ticket that you have raised, in case of any issues in retention.

Please feel free to reach our support for any queries. We are glad to assist you further.

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