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Please find our replies for the reported queries inline below.

-->After installing the fix of 3.7 to both BDR and ODR, inspite of services running, Unable to login to console

Please provide us the exact error message which you are getting while logging into Vembu BDR Backup Server console and server.log file to analyse this issue further. If you are getting 'Unable to login' error even if Vembu BDR service is running, then there is a possibility of database updates in progress for the previous interrupted jobs. If it takes more time, then please send us the above requested details for debugging purpose.

-->Also there are many postgres instance found running.

We have noticed that there are 72 instance of postgresql is running in your machine. Please note that for each new connection, postgresql will start a new process and normally that process will get closed when we close the respective connection. During backup/recovery process, there could be many db connections get established and will get closed when the backup/recovery process get completed. Also, in Vembu BDR, we have few threads which are active forever, and they will use some database connections. So, number of postgresql connections 72 is normal only.

-->Vembu Virtual Drive is GONE

Once Vembu BDR application is started, we will check and update the databases if previous db metadata files present in the location. Once after that, Vembu Virtual Drive will be listed in the explorer. It Virtual drive is not listed in explorer for more time even the BDR service is running, then please try to stop and then start the Vembu BDR service in your machine once and then verify whether Vembu Virtual Drive is listed in Windows explorer.

If the problem persists, please run Vembu BDR in command line (in administrative prompt) and send us the prints and screenshot of the explorer to analyse the issue.

-->I am looking at Windows application logs and notice, that every time Vembu server is rebooted – Apache Service triggers 2 exactly same errors on startup – is it normal?

${SRVROOT} is variable used in apache webserver configuration to mention the document root path, which we didn't use in our Vembu BDR web server configuration. This will create an undefined error in windows application log. This is a warning message and it will not affect the Vembu BDR web server. We will fix the same in our next release.

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