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Hi Roz,

To restore the production server backed up data to the DR SQL server, please do restore from the backup server and move that restored data to the DR SQL server. To export the restored data to the MSSQL database, please follow the below steps in your DR SQL server.

  1. Open SQL management studio.
  2. Connect the particular SQL instance.
  3. Create one database with the database name available in the production server.
  4. Right click the newly added database.
  5. Go to "Task -> Restore -> Files and Filesgroups".
  6. Please choose "From Device" option.
  7. Click the box at the right corner.
  8. Then Click add button.
  9. Choose file type as "All Files(*)".
  10. Choose the restored *.sqbk file.
  11. Then click "OK" button. Now that file will added in the list and then click "OK".
  12. In the list of file it will add, and click the check box near the file.
  13. Click the "Option" tag on top of left side in the restore wizard. If you need to restore the database multiple files, then you need to first restore the full backup data alone by choosing the Recovery option 'Leave the database nonoperational, and do not roll back uncommitted transactions. Additional transaction logs can be restored.(RESTORE WITH NORECOVERY)' and then restore the differential backup data by choosing the recovery option 'Leave the database ready to use by rolling back uncommitted transactions. Additional transaction logs cannot be restored.(RESTORE WITH RECOVERY)'.

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