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Hi Karthik Srinivasan,

Since user(s) in VembuBDR server are not created or mapped with any email account, currently it is not possible to reset the password from VembuBDR Console itself. We will include reset password option in one of our future releases. Now we will provide you a work around solution which will helps to you reset the password manually by running some queries in MySQL DB. Please follow the below steps,

Login into MySQL server and execute the below queries,

 use sgdatabase;

To create new password, kindly run the below query by replacing your new password.

 select md5("Newpassword");

ie: select md5("admin"); Get the latest md5 password and update it using the below queries.

 update sg_user set PASSWORD="<New Md5 password>" where USER_NAME="<USER_NAME>" and ROLE_ID=1;

ie: update sguser set PASSWORD="21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3" where USERNAME="admin" and ROLE_ID=1;

After updating password details, you are able to login VembuBDR console with new credentials.

Note:- Please be cautious while updating the MySQL tables.For safety purpose please take a dump of the MySQL DataBase before updating the table.

Regards, Kumar P, Vembu Technologies.

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