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These errors occur when the connection between a client and the Backup Server is closed prematurely by an external force, while the VembuBDR is actively processing the backup data to the Backup Server. The external forces may be:

  • NAT/Firewall configurations.

  • Low end routers/switches.

  • Intrusion detection software.

  • Internet-link error

Most routers, NATs and firewalls keep a track of all connections made through them. They will assume a connection to be dead if no data is transferred in either direction for a certain time interval and they may then close the network connection. Hence, check the “Idle Socket Timeout” configuration in the NAT/Firewall settings.

The premature closure of the connection can be prevented by configuring either the Keep Alive Time in the Windows Registry or by configuring the Application Level Keep Alive Time in <vembubdr home="">/conf/SGConfiguration.conf file.

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