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Hi Techs,

The error message "Server Deactivated" show that the trail period of your backup server has been over. Please register your backup server with your Vembu portal account. Please follow the below steps to register your backup server with Vembu portal.

  1. Login to your backup server webconsole.
  2. Go to menu "Management -> Server Registration" page.
  3. Click "Register" box.
  4. Enter your "Email address" and "Password", which was used for Vembu portal sign up.
  5. If you doesn't have Vembu account, please click "Click here" and create new Vembu account and then register your backup server.

Note: Kindly add your credit card details in your Vembu portal account. The payment process will be carried out via credit card. Until you add the credit card details in your Vembu account, the backup server will be in de-active state.

  1. After you registered your backup server and added the credit card details, please run license check option available in "Management -> Server Registration" page.

After doing the above steps the backup server will reactivate.

Thanks, Jameer.

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