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Hi James,

From the details you have updated, we believe that Vembu NetworkBackup doesn't have access to backup the encrypted files. To over come this permission problem, please change Vembu NetworkBackup logon account to any administrator account, who have the access to backup the encrypted files. Please follow the below steps to change the logon account type.

a) Open the Services control applet through "Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services" shortcut or by running "services.msc" command in "Start ->Run" tool.

b) Select the Vembu NetworkBackup service and then open its Properties dialog.

c) In the Vembu NetworkBackup services Properties dialog, go to the "Logon" tab if it is 'Local System Account' or any other user, update the user logon to be of the power user or a user who has administrator privilege (who has full permission to backup the encrypted file) to run the Vembu NetworkBackup service.

d) After providing the correct user name and password details, click 'Apply' and 'Ok' to apply the changes.

e) Restart the Vembu NetworkBackup service.

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