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This error will occur when CBT tracking for the guest VM failed. Vembu BDR will automatically reset the CBT to fix this issue during subsequent incremental job. But sometime, CBT has to be manually reset to resolve this issue.

Follow below steps to reset CBT for a guest VM,

NOTE: Before resetting CBT, make sure there are no snapshot present on guest VM.

1.Power off the guest Vm.

2.Right-click the VM, click [Edit settings], click the Options tab, select the General section, then click Configuration Parameters

image description

3.Set the "ctkEnabled" value to false

image description

4.Set the all of the "scsi0:x.ctkEnabled" values to false

image description

5.Open guest VM's source folder via Datastore Browser and delete the "-CTK.VMDK" files

image description

6.Power on the guest VM

7.Now run the backup job

NOTE: After resetting the CBT, full VM will be backed up and after that, CBT tracking will work without fail.

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