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While creating a backup repository, you can either assign a single volume or multiple volumes to create it.

When multiple volumes are used to create a backup repository, all backups associated with that backup repository are scaled across those volumes.

1) If I have many repositories set up and one fails what happens?

If one of the backup repositories fails, the backup job associated with that repository will also fail and will not be recoverable.

2) Does a single client backup span multiple repositories?

A backup job configured through a client will scale across multiple volumes in a backup repository rather than across multiple backup repositories.

3) If I delete a repository (maybe because of a failed drive) will Vembu recover?

No, we cannot recover the data if the drive fails. However, we recommend our customers have an offsite copy of the backup data using the Vembu Offsite DR for DR purposes. For more information on the offsite copy feature, check out the following link:

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