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We have reproduced the issue in our test lab and our engineering team has come up with a fix for the above-mentioned AD restore issue. Follow the steps given below to apply the fix:

Close all the vembu applications before executing the steps

Step 1) Download the file from the following link:

Step 2) Navigate to the following directory: "< installation_path >\Vembu\Vembu Universal Explorer\Vembu Explorer for Active Directory\" location.

For Example- C:\Program Files\Vembu\Vembu Universal Explorer\Vembu Explorer for Active Directory

Step 3) In the above-mentioned directory rename the existing Active Directory GLR.exe file as ActiveDirectory_original.exe

Step 4) Now, extract the Active Directory GLR.exe from the downloaded file and place it in the directory path mentioned in Step 2.

Step 5) Once done, open the Vembu Universal Tool and try restoring the Microsoft AD application at a granular level.

If you still face the same issue even applying the fix, kindly drop a mail to the following e-mail address, keeping "regarding the forum query" as the mail's subject line.

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