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The backup job for VMware/ Hyper-V VMs can be configured from either the BDR Backup Server or from the client i.e. Vembu Client for VMware and Hyper-V Backup. But, if you opt for the free edition then you can only configure the backup job from the BDR Backup Server and not from the client.

If you choose the BDR Edition to be the free edition; then while you configure the backup for VMware/Hyper-V VMs you will see a pop-up window asking you to select the type of free-edition. i.e. either the Full or Limited - featured free edition as shown in the pic below.

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If you select the Full-Featured free edition option then you get to choose up to 10 VMs in a single backup job with all basic backup features (Standard Edition features) applicable for it. After that, all the subsequent backup jobs created will run full-backups only.

And if you select the Limited-Featured free edition option you will be able to schedule only full-backups for the backup jobs with no retention feature.

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