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This issue occurred, because one of the parameters was not found in the API; we have analyzed the issue locally and came up with a solution. Follow the below-given steps for the solution.

Step 1: You can download the fix from the following S3 link:

Step 2: Navigate to the below-given location- File path : < VembuBDR InstallLocation >\htmlgui\bdrwebservices.php

Step 3: In the above-said location, rename the existing 'bdrwebservices.php' as 'bdrwebservices-Aug08-20.php'

Step 4: Now, place the downloaded fix file in the location.

Note: This above-given fix is only applicable for Vembu BDR Backup Server build no: 4202020051312

The issue will be addressed and fixed in our upcoming release.

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