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It seems you are trying to install the Vembu OnlineBackup client(Vembu file & application backup client) in your Windows Server 2016 machine, and getting the above error during the installation.

To analyze this, we have downloaded & installed the Vembu OnlineBackup client package in our test lab (OS: Windows Server 2016). We haven't faced any issues or errors during the installation. We recommend you try installing the same Vembu OnlineBackup installer in a different machine and update us.

And, there are possibilities that antivirus or antimalware program may have corrupted the downloaded client installer. You can download the client installer again from your Vembu Cloud Backup for File & Application console, and try installing it on your machine.

If you face the same error again, kindly send the 'Vembu_InstallLogs' folder as a ZIP file to for further analysis. One of our support engineers will analyze the log files and get back to you.

You can find the 'Vembu_InstallLogs' folder in the directory where you had the VembuOnlineBackup installer and initiated the installation.

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