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Here is the latest answer from the support:

  1. Changed Block Tracking (CBT) based incremental backup is not supported in Vembu Free Edition issue

Ans: As we checked the details in our local environment, we noticed that it is a minor UI issue. Hence, we request you to check whether the incremental schedule for the backup job is running or not and update us on the results.

  1. Need to restart BDR and System to configure full-featured job

Ans: We suspect that the old backup job entry was not deleted from the portal and that's the reason the backup creation wizard opened right away. Once the run license check is done the old backup jobs entry was removed and after that, you are able to create the full-featured backup job.

  1. Trial Period expired alert comes post-upgrade

Ans: We are unable to reproduce the reported issue in our local environment hence we will check the details internally with our product team and update you with a suitable solution.

And here is my answer:

About Point1: You`re right - It really seems to be an UI Problem. I waited for the first full job, and after that the program really went to incremental CBT backups, however the message appears.

About Point2: If I do a license check after a job delete, the selector what kind of backup job I want to create appears without reboot/service restart.

About Point3: Seems to be an UI problem too - message does not impact the BDR functions.

So thank you again - you can close the ticket. Best regards and stay healthy ...

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