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Please find the answer for your queries below

Q: After updating Vembu BDR from version v4.0.1 to V4.1 there is a problem with adding new builds.

It seems there was an issue when the Vembu BDR Backup Server was trying to retrieve the volume information of the machine to add new builds.

If you have mapped any network drive (shared drive) to the Vembu BDR Backup server machine, make sure it is accessible. Also, make sure VembuBDR and VembuPostgreSQL services are running on your backup server machine after the upgrade.

Q: Sometimes, when logging in, I have information about the Postgre service not working. It seems the random service is stopping and starting.

Q: How to login, it shows version v4.1, but I have v4.0.1 in the system tray.

We suspect the backup server is not upgraded to v4.1 properly. We recommend you to download the Vembu BDR Server setup and install it again on top of your existing installation.

Q: GUI works very slowly. After logging out, logging in again works well for a while until I go to the new tab. When I want to choose a backup location, it goes on forever.

Q: In addition, when I want to see the current state, I am constantly trying to download data.

Make sure you have enough resources on the machine where you installed the Vembu BDR Backup Server. Refer to the system requirement for more details. Also, let us know the specification of the backup server machine and the number of backup jobs configured from your backup server for further analysis.

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