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As you have converted your backup server to the free edition, licensing violations are not a reason for the backup failures.

After analyzing the log files sent by you to our support, we have noticed that you configured the backup for your VMs through VMware vCenter Server v6.7 Update 3 with the ESXi's version being lower than the vCenter Server.

We have already identified failures in backup for the VMs configured through VMware vCenter Server v6.7 Update 3 if the ESXi version is lower than its vCenter Server.

The backups are failing with an error in downloading the VM configuration files, and it is specific only to the above scenario in a VMware environment.

To resolve this issue, we recommend you upgrade the ESXi host to the latest version, or as a workaround, you can configure the backups for your VMs through the ESXi instead of vCenter Server.

The above backup failure case will be addressed in the upcoming releases of Vembu.

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