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Question 1-There are two NAS which have already been added but my question is whether you can address the Backups to each of them at the same time, or only to the one defined as default.

If you are configuring the backup using vembu backup clients (like File & Application backup client or Windows Image backup client), then the backup data will be stored in the storage pool that is set as Default. If there are multiple storage pools in your backup server, you can make only one of them as Default.

If you configure the backup directly from the backup server, then you can specify one of the available storage pools to store backup data when creating a backup job. Different backup jobs can have different storage pools.

Question 2- How would this Pool storage work with both volumes? What information would be stored in each of the volumes?

If a storage pool comprises several volumes, the backup data will be stored in the first volume (/media/Share) in the order it was added. Once the first volume is filled, then the data will be stored in the other volumes successively (/media/Share2).

As Vembu supports scale-out storage, you can edit the storage pool and add new volumes to the pool at any time if there is no storage space available in the existing volumes.

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