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Yes, you can limit the bandwidth usage from both client and server instance of VembuBDR. Bandwidth Throttling feature enables the user to limit the bandwidth used by the backup process from the client machine. The client Bandwidth Throttling settings will be applied to each backup schedule configured in that client machine. If Bandwidth Throttling is configured in the backup server, the backup server settings will preside over the client's Bandwidth Throttling settings.

In the top menu, select: ‘Settings→ Bandwidth Throttling--> Enable Bandwidth Throttling'

In this feature you are having multiple options listed below, where you can set the throttling period/value based on the your requirement.

Throttle bandwidth always:

Choose this option to enable bandwidth throttling throughout the day.

Throttle bandwidth from:

Choose this option to enable bandwidth throttling only during the specified hours of the day.

Disable Bandwidth Throttling during Weekend

Choose this option to disable bandwidth throttling during weekend (Saturdays and Sundays). However, bandwidth throttling will be active on all the other days.

Throttle each backup to maximum of

Rate to which bandwidth usage is to be limited.

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