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You can restore your backed-up physical machine as VM or a new physical machine using the following recovery options:

Quick VM Recovery:

Instantly restore the backed-up machine as a new VM on a target ESXi host. This is a temporary option targeted to reduce downtime.


a) Download your backup disk into flat.VMDK format and use this image file to migrate your Windows machine to VMware environment permanently

b) Perform bare metal recovery by downloading the backup data into VHD format and use Vembu Recovery CD to restore the data in another physical machine.

Regarding the boot issue, please send the following details to support team at

  1. Backedup Windows machine OS version
  2. VMware environment details
  3. Was the boot successful once and then started rebooting every time?
  4. The zip of the log folder. You can find the log folder at < installation location >\vembu\vembuBDR\log. For Example: C:\program files\vembu\vembuBDR\log

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