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You can install the Vembu BDR Server on the customer site to take a local backup and then replicate the copy of the backup data to the Vembu Offsite DR server installed in your datacenter.

You can find the answer to your questions inline below.

1) Is GFS possible without forced full backups? So can I have e.g. 10 yearly backups which are all still incremental?

Yes, the GFS retention is possible without forced full backups and you can have the incremental backups for 10 years and even more.

2) Is vembu using reverse incremental forever or incremental forever? If the latter how long does it take to recover the newest backup in a long chain?

Vembu is using Advanced Reverse Incremental, with which all incremental restore points are virtually available as full backup without occupying any additional storage in your storage repository. You can almost instantly restore the backup data from any of the restore points using our recovery options such as Quick VM Recovery, File-level Recovery, and Disk Management Mount.

3) Is automated screenshot verification possible?

Yes, Vembu will perform 3 tier verification for all the image-based backups such as Data Integrity Check, Mount Check, and Boot Check(The recent restore point will be booted, and the screenshot of the boot screen will be captured to confirm the recoverability).

4) Is a scripted/automated installation of the windows physical backup agents possible?

Yes, we provide custom scripts to automate the installation of Vembu agents.

5) Is there a centralized and multi-tenant management and monitoring console available?

Yes, using Vembu BDR360, you can monitor all the activities of BDR backup servers deployed anywhere from the centralized web console.

6) Is it possible to update the BDR suite as well as the agents automatically and/or through a centralized console?

Yes, BDR backup servers and agents can be automatically upgraded to the latest version. Since you would like to host Vembu OffsiteDR in your data center, you need to manually upgrade the OffsiteDR server by performing the on-top installation. Then the BDR backup servers deployed in your customer location and the Vembu agents connected to that BDR backup servers can be automatically upgraded.

7) Is there a solution for laptops that aren't in the LAN very often? Is it possible to configure that the backups go directly to the offsite location if the BDR server isn't reachable?

You can send the backup data from the client agent installed on the laptops to the backup server through WAN(internet) if the laptops will not be available over LAN all the time.

As per the current design, the data will be first sent to the Vembu BDR server and then it will be sent to the Offsite DR server. The backup data cannot be directly sent to Offsite DR if the BDR server isn't reachable.

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