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Please note that the physical image and virtual image(Hyper-V & VMware) backups are having application aware processing such as application consistency and log truncation in build. Hence we have remove application level backups from Vembu BDR v3.0 onwards and the performance of the image backups are much better than the application level backups.

Also, we have released free granular recovery tools where as you can restore application items by using Vembu Explorer for Exchange, Vembu Explorer for SharePoint and Vembu Explorer for SQL. Also, recently we have released Universal Recovery Tool, which have all these three recovery options in one place.

If you have hosted your application servers on Hyper-V or VMware, you can backup the entire virtual machine and enable application aware processing to assure the application consistency and log truncation. Also, if you have installed Microsoft applications on physical machine, you can utilize disk image backup by enabling application aware processing to ensure the application consistency and log truncation.

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