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You can automatically upgrade the Vembu NetworkBackup client from v3.9 to v4.0 by following the below steps.

  1. Download the appropriate version of Vembu NetorkBackup client installer and its XML file based on your operating system from the Software Upgrade Guide.

  2. Copy both the installer and XML file of the client to the same folder in your Vembu BDR Server machine.

  3. Login to Vembu BDR Backup Server web console and navigate to Settings > Updates > Add Builds and specify the folder where files are copied and click on List Build File(s).

  4. Once the available builds are listed, select the checkbox alongside respective build you wish to update and click on Add Build File(s).

Every one hour the clients will check the backup server for the latest updates. Once the new builds are available, clients will be automatically upgraded to the latest version. Refer the Upgrade your Vembu Client Agent section of Software Upgrade Guide for more details.

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