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I only have 3 protected VM that started on trial and I applied the free edition license. These were working and running in incremental backups and when the trial expired, at which time the backups just stop and throw errors until you apply the free edition license. I determined you also need to edit and reschedule each job after the with the license change. I also saw the dialog appear during the backup job edit "Changed Block Training (CBT) based incremental backup is not supported in Vembu Free Edition" which is inconsistent with the feature comparison which shows CBT is supported in the free edition for up to 3 VMs. ( I believe that is 3 VM per account or registered email, not per site. App is backing up small servers with one or two VMs per site).

It appears CBT is not at all supported in the free edition, so you only get full backups and all the time space they require. Licensing is not very expensive so might try that just to have a longer trial as I setup test restore scenarios and continue testing.

So my question is: are others seeing the same issue with no CBT in the free edition and this not not about over consuming licenses?

I also seem find minor bugs but no show stoppers, but I have not comprehensively tested grandular or full restores, bare metal, dissimilar physical hw, etc. My application is for small clients with one physical server but also a workstation with enough ram and disk to become a hyper-v DR host if a server fails.

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