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You can integrate BDR Backup Server with ConnectWise through BDR360.

Note: ConnectWise integration is available only for the service provider account. Contact, if you want to migrate your customer account to service provider account.

Follow the steps given below to integrate Vembu BDR Backup Server with ConnectWise

Setting up Vembu BDR 360

  1. Login to your Vembu Portal account and signup for BDR360.

  2. After successful signup, login to BDR360 console from Vembu Portal or by going to

  3. Click on the download icon and download BDR360 agent based on the operating system where you have installed the Vembu BDR Backup Server.

  4. Install the downloaded BDR360 agent on the machine where you have installed Vembu BDR Server.

Setting up Connectwise integration

  1. On your BDR360 console, go to Settings > ConnectWise Configuration and toggle on the ConnectWise integration

  2. Provide connection information such as Site, Company ID, Public API Key, Private API Key to integrate with ConnectWise.

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