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Send the screenshots of the error message and the log folders of Vembu BDR server and Vembu Integration service to Our support engineers will analyze the log files and get back to you.

  • You can find the log folder of Vembu BDR Server at < installation Location >\vembu\vembuBDR\log

  • You can find the log folder of Vembu Integration service on the Hyper-V host at < installation Location >\Vembu\VembuIntegrationService\log

Regarding the notification message about the Visual C++ 2017 redistributable package, you can ignore that message if you have successfully installed the appropriate version Visual C++ package on your computer.

As of now, the notification messages are not automatically removed from the notification panel even after it is read or the reported error is addressed by you. This will be fixed in the upcoming releases of Vembu.

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