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This error will come if the existing backend database was not properly imported while rebuilding the Vembu BDR server.

To ensure the integrity of the rebuilding process, we recommend you to check for the backup entries in the table 'SG_GROUPS' by following the given steps.

Step 1. Open the command prompt and connect to the PostgreSQL.

psql -U <Username> -p <Port number>

Step 2. Provide the password of PostgreSQL and connect to 'SGDatabase'

\c SGDatabase

Step 3. After connecting the database, run the following query to verify the backup entries in the table 'SG_GROUPS'.

select * from sg_groups where group_role_id = 4;

If the output of the above query is null, then it means the server was not properly rebuilt. You need to rebuild server again using the steps given below.

Step 4: Stop the VembuBDR service from services.msc.

Step 5: Run the following query to drop the 'SGDatabase'(Partially imported)

drop database “SGDatabase”;

Step 6: Now create a new database using the below query,

create database "SGDatabase";

Start the database import process using KB Article "115063". Once the server is successfully rebuilt, you can see the backups are listed in 'Recovery' page.

If you are still not able to rebuild your backup server successfully, contact

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