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Vembu does not support standalone tape libraries, only autoloaders of LTO 3 and above are supported.

Make sure:

  1. The Tape library is connected to a Window machine(Linux machines are not supported now), it can be the local machine where Vembu BDR Server is installed or it can be a remote machine.

  2. The Windows Device Manager detects both the Tape Drive and Medium Changer of the connected Tape library.

  3. The Tape Library is added to the Tape Infrastructure of the Vembu BDR Server, and Vembu Tape Server agent is successfully installed on the Windows machine connected to the tape library.

  4. The appropriate and updated drivers are installed for the connected Tape library in Windows machine.

Refer to the Tape Backup Management section of our user guide to know more about adding the tape infrastructure and configuring the backups to tape.

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