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Unfortunately it didn't worked quite well for me; that's why I've started checking the forums. Although the initial trial enterprise license was activated instantaneously, the second I've tried changing to the free edition, I've got an error displayed o the GUI: " Please check network connectivity or contact vembu support". And, of course, clicking on Change Edition brought no result. The license-log doesn't record anything about it. On the other side, the error-log throws the following: ERROR [ CentralizedLicenseManager::UpdateHostInfoToPartnerZone ] Unable to get the response from Portal for Host License sync. [CentralizedLicenseManager.cpp:4274] I find it at least odd how a couple of second earlier I get a successful update of the host license to the portal and when I try the downgrade the connection is suddenly no longer available. It feels like I'm force handed to try the cool Enterprise features. If this is a marketing stunt, then...I'm disappointed. Have a nice evening and thank you for your earlier reply!

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