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The upgrade might get delayed if there is an active job running on the client.

Also, make sure you have:

  1. Downloaded and added the right client in the Vembu BDR Server i.e Vembu NetworkBackup client.

  2. Added the client builds of v3.9.1 and v4.0 in the Vembu BDR Backup Server. You can download the client builds from the Software Upgrade Guide.

  3. Enabled the Automatic update status and selected the appropriate server to download the updates in the Vembu NetworkBackup client(Settings > Software Update Configuration).

After doing all the above steps, if you are still not able to upgrade the client, Send the following screenshots to us in the same thread.

  1. Downloaded updates report page, open your Vembu NetworkBackup client and go to Reports > Updates Downloaded.

  2. List Builds page, open your Vembu BDR Server and go to Settings > Updates > List Builds.

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