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Nivas, thank you for explaining the License check.

How ever, last Friday, as advised, I delete the old backup job and ran the License check. Before creating the new Backup job I verify that the the backup is gone from the Vembu Portal, the Backup has been delete from the storage and there is no reference to the old job anymore.

The new job started as scheduled. The Backup size is approx. 1.3 TB so I expected it takes the whole night.

Today the output of the console is confusing. In Dashboard there is a green triangle, the job is still running. Detailed view states a running time of 16 hrs 50 min. and a trasferring volume of 1.21 TB, but not VMs. In Backup > List Jobs the Job has the status Idle. In Recovery the Job is marked ( Old Backup ), Job Status is Running. In Web Portal the Job is also marked _Old. Klick on the yellow qestion mark returns only one VM instead of three.

The Storage usage didn't change for hours.

There are some Services on the host which I associate with Vembu: PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL Server 9.6, VembuBDR,VembuBDR_WebServer, VembuIntegrationService. All are up and running.

The Backup run perfectly on 3.9.1 before updating to 4.0.

Any idea what's the cause and how i can solve it!

Regards, Hermann

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