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It is not necessary to perform the license check every time before or after configuring the backup job.

License check is done to validate the license status with the Vembu Portal and it will be done automatically once in every 24 hours. If you want to validate any new license immediately, you can manually initiate the License Check, go to Management > License > and click on 'Run License Check'.

With Vembu BDR Suite Free edition, you can backup up to 3 VMs in a single backup job without any feature restriction. So, in your portal account, the free license will be assigned for the initial backup job and the rest of the VMs can be backed up with limited features.

When you delete the first backup job which had the free license assigned, the license status will be updated on Vembu Portal only on the next automatic update. Since you wanted to try the Run Now by creating a new backup job, perform the license check manually after deleting the older backup job.

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