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We haven't faced any issue previously like the Run Now button going unresponsive in our test environment or with other customers, we suspect this might be specific to your environment.

Since you are ready to configure a new backup job, delete the old backup job from the List Jobs page and perform license check by navigating to Management > License and click on Run License Check.

As you are using the free edition, it is necessary to perform the Run License Check before configuring the new backup job. If you don't perform Run License check you will not be able to configure the full-featured backup job.

After running the license check, configure a new backup job for your Hyper-V VMs. If the Run Now button is still not working with the new backup job, let us know in this same thread, we will provide you with the remote assistance.

Regarding the other question about manually running incremental backups in between the automatic schedules, yes it is possible. During the restore, you will be able to choose the recovery point of both manual and automatically scheduled incremental backups. Also, make sure you have configured an appropriate retention policy for your backup jobs.

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