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Hello Nivas,

thank's for your answer.

We have only one Hyper-V host with local storage with RAID. Format as ReFs.

CBT driver got reset in the host

I've reset the CBT driver.

NTpath or GUID of the disk which hosts Hyper-V VMs disks got changed

Only one host. The disk path were not changed.

VembuIntegrationService is not installed on any one of Hyper-V cluster nodes

The IntegrationService is installed.

High availability enabled cluster VMs configured for a backup using Standalone Hyper-V host option of Vembu

Only one host. There are different options for standalone or cluster hosts?

Anyone of the cluster nodes is not reachable/power off

Only one host is configured.

This message will also be shown whenever the ownership of the CSV gets changed.

Only one host is configured.

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