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VM and Physical image backups are snapshot-based backups. If the network is interrupted during the backup data transfer to the remote Vembu BDR Server, the backup data will be transferred again from the beginning. However, to avoid backup failures due to minor network interruption, we have implemented reconnection attempts for all image-based backup. So, if the interrupted network is re-established within 30 minutes, the data transfer will continue from the point where it got interrupted else it will start from the beginning.

For example: If you are backing up a VM or physical machine is having 1000 GB of data and if the network got interrupted after backing up 900 GB, then the backup transfer will start again from the beginning.

However, if you have an uninterrupted network and better bandwidth connectivity between your data center and Rackspace data center, you can directly send the backup data to Vembu BDR server deployed on your Rackspace cloud environment.

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