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Vembu BDR and OffsiteDR server are available for Windows and Linux platforms that can be installed on your Rackspace virtual server and you can configure backup or DR respectively.

If you want to have a primary copy of your backup data to be stored on Rackspace storage, then you need to install Vembu BDR Server on your Rackspace server and configure the backup storage repository. Once Vembu BDR server is installed and storage configured, you can create backups for your physical and virtual machines directly from the installed backup server or through Vembu proxy agents and store the data on your Rackspace server. Make sure you have an uninterrupted data connection for seamless backup data transfer.

If you want to have a secondary copy of your backup data on Rackspace, Firstly install Vembu BDR Server on your local site and configure backups for your Physical and Virtual machines to the local storage repository. Then, install Vembu OffsiteDR Server on your Rackspace server and configure backup replication from your Vembu BDR Server to Vembu OffsiteDR server.

For file and Application level backup, you can directly send the backup data to Vembu BDR Server installed on your Rackspace. But for image-based backups like VMware, Hyper-V or Windows disk image backup, it is always recommended to have a local backup configured using Vembu BDR Server and then replicate a copy of the backup to Vembu OffsiteDR on your Rackspace server.

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